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Every Important Placebo Effect Fact

Bundled into One Comprehensive eBook!


101 Amazing Facts About the Placebo Effect is an exhaustive guide that provides a step by step, footnoted overview of the placebo effect. It includes sections on the placebo effect’s origin and mark on history, how it works, and where it’s appeared in the most celebrated research across scientific disciplines. Here are some of the amazing facts you’ll learn you’ll learn:

  • Prozac did even worse than a placebo in 7 out of the last 10 pharmaceutical studies. Fact #23 explains the study behind this amazing result.
  • Heart failure patients had a 60% greater life expectancy when taking a placebo than when not taking a placebo. Fact #46 explains the amazing study behind it.
  • Erectile dysfunction caused by medication is no match for a placebo. Placebo pills cured all but one patient in a groundbreaking study shared in fact #86.
  • Placebos work just as well when you tell patients they are taking a placebo as when you don’t. You’ll study this in fact #55.
  • Placebos help you play golf better, do more push ups, and even take away your cough. You’ll find these facts and many more in the ebook.
  • Even placebo arthroscopic surgery (fake surgery!) works just as well as the real thing. We’ll share this industry-changing study with you in fact #63.

The Placebo Research Center only shares the most credible data from authoritative university and government studies. No fluff. Each fact footnotes and links to the articles and studies we reference.
Whether you are a doctor who wants to know why 50% of your colleagues are prescribing placebos these days, a student writing a paper or thesis on the placebo effect, or a person who wants to know how to use the placebo effect in your own life, this is a fun, informative, must read eBook.

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