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Placebo TreatmentIntroduction

In this article, we will define for you what a placebo treatment is, explain how placebo treatments work, explain some of the latest innovations in placebo treatment, and finally offer some resources you can use to find more information.

Placebo Treatment Defined

Placebo Treatments are any treatments in which a medically inactive pill or procesure is used to create a positive psychological or physical benefit in a person. Such treatments can exist within the context of a doctor’s office, or they can exist anywhere else, as placebo treatments aren’t dependent on any material substance – they exist within the realm of consciousness and experience. Placebo treatments have generally have been relegated to a doctor’s office, though, with placebo pills and procedures. But this represents just the tip of possibility about how placebo treatments can be utilized, and can revolutionize the way we think about health care.

How Placebo Treatments Work

Historically, placebo treatments have not been administered with much care or expertise. The aim of placebos, historically, has simply been to test the treatments against a pill or procedure that doctors or researchers hoped with do better than a placebo.  Historically, placebo treatments have been administered, when possible, as part of double-blind placebo studies in which neither the doctor nor the patients knows a placebo is being administered. Given that today we have research that helps us to understand how the placebo effect works, we can now better optimize the placebo effect by providing people placebo treatments that are optimized to fit their needs.

Innovations in Placebo Treatment

Placebo Effect and the Placebo Research Center have been revolutionizing the way we practice and think about placebo treatment. Placebo treatment, for us, is the opportunity to use the world’s most powerful drug – the placebo effect – to create immense transformation in people’s lives. We call this process the Placebo Method. Specifically, the Placebo Method involves helping people to learn about how we unconsciously create placebo or nocebo effects in our lives, and how we can bring those placebo or nocebo effects to consciousness so that we can be sure we are creating the kind of transformation we wish to see in our lives.

Placebo Treatment Resources

For additional resources, check out our teachings on the Placebo Method. If you interested in learning more about placebo treatment in the context of clinical trials, check out Wikipedia’s page¬†or our review of double-blind placebo clinical trials.

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